Sascha Ißbrücker

Some of the things that I have worked on.

Most of the projects I have worked on were contract work for customers of my employer, thus I can not show them here. However there are some professional projects that I can show off as well as side projects that I did in my own time.


TypeProduct development while employed at byteAgenten
DescriptionArcher consists of a visual design tool for creating data-driven SVGs and a Javascript runtime for using these graphics in a web environment. I was responsible for the technical development of the product including planning, architecture, implementation, testing and distribution through app stores.
TechElectron, Angular, node.js, Flux, Mac App Store, Microsoft Store
Mac App Store
Github (Runtime)


TypeSide project
DescriptionWeb application that enables you to keep track your routines. I tried to emulate a Bullet Journal-like tracker and used joyful fonts and colors to make it fun. The app runs completely in the browser, works offline and uses IndexedDB for storage.
TechReact, Typescript, PWA, IndexedDB

Blaue Tonne Nürnberg

TypeSide project
DescriptionWebsite that provides calendars for waste paper disposal for the city where I live in as .ical and .pdf. A Python scraper collects the data from the official web page. Then some scripts automatically generate a static website from that data.
TechPython, Scrapy, Preact

Overtime Calculator

TypeSide project
DescriptionCommand line tool that calculates overtime. It fetches logged time entries from, and then calculates the weekly and total overtime.