Sascha Ißbrücker


  • Software Developer with more than 10 years of experience in contract work and product development, with focus on web applications and technologies
  • more dramatic: Senior Software Engineer, Full-stack Web Developer
  • contract work for customers such as Daimler, Siemens Healthcare, Siemens Power Generation, Siemens Industry, Siemens Infrastructure and Cities
  • worked on products for software developers and UX designers
  • work activities include: project coordination, requirements engineering, architecture, implementation, backend, frontend, testing, database administration, infrastructure, dev-ops, team lead, consulting, mentoring, training and writing
  • have a look at my résumé or portfolio for more detailed info



  • Java / Java EE - 10 years
  • C# / .Net - 4 years
  • node.js - 3 years


  • HTML, CSS, Javascript - 8 years
  • Single page applications - 7 years
  • Angular - 6 years
  • React - 3 years
  • Typescript - 3 years
*These are just the most important ones, there is much more. I also believe that an experienced developer is able to transfer skills and can adapt to new languages, frameworks or libraries.

How would I describe my professional self?

  • self-organizing, reliable
  • good communicator
  • logical thinking, critical thinking
  • focus on quality, usability, performance
  • can find practical solutions in short amount of time
  • good didactic skills
  • curious and interested in new technologies and developments in software engineering